Fashion Belts

This category features ladies fashion belts in a range of style and colors. You can buy ladies fashion belts online in assorted colors which will perfectly complete any outfit whether it be to match a clutch, the dress, shoes or headwear. We supply our stunning fashion belts to keep with the current fashion trends and also cater for the classics.

History of fashion belts

Today belts are not only worn to keep one's trousers or skirt in the perfect posture but also for beauty, to be a stylish fashion accessory or make a personal statement. The first belts were purely articles of utility in the same manner the modern handy man has his belt loaded with his tools to be easy when in his workshop or up a ladder. Belts have been part of guy’s clothes since the Bronze Age, but they were only sporadically en vogue for women up until the last decades when they've become a standard part of ladies garments.

While not only having the potential to be delightful and add sophistication, fashion belts for women can serve many functions for a woman such as dressing up a little black dress or work outfit, adding class to an otherwise plain outfit, to give a waistline, to attract focus to a modest waist, to join two separates together, to complete an outfit (jeans look positively naked with no belt), to coordinate or tone harmoniously with other accessories, to flatter fuller figures and of course to keep one's garments in the correct position.

Belt Style 2 - Brown
Belt Style 2 - Emerald
Belt Style 3 - Brown
Belt Style 3 - Lime
Belt Style 4 - Chocolate