Original Design Fascinators

A basic overall rule for dressing for the races is that although it is a day out with your friends, remember it's not an evening event so you shouldn't dress like it is. Go for a look that is a little more conservative and classic.

Dressing for Autumn/Winter race days

When it comes to autumn/winter racing, the number one rule is that your headwear should be felt material, as straw is more suited for spring/summer months. If you are not a huge fan of felt there are many alternatives, look for heavier fabrics such as leather, velvet, racello and laces. Winter headwear can be more structured and often smaller vintage pieces trimmed with veiling to create that classic style.

With the cooler months you can swap your strappy stilettos and sandals for a pump heel or bootie shoe. If you choose to wear gloves, opt for leather or a blended wool as like straw headwear, lace and fine cottons are more suitable for the warmer months.

Dressing for Spring/Summer race days

When it comes to the spring/summer carnivals it is time to bloom, shock with vibrant colours, think florals and lace For your headwear straw is the classic choice.  Get creative and experiment with Parisial, silk abaca, flowers and feathers. 

No matter what you do, always do it in style.  If you plan on winning 'fashions on the field' dress to impress, dress to the day, check the guide lines before entering and most important of all have fun!!!