Stocking a range of earrings is assorted styles, shapes and colours. Perfect to accessories any outfit.

Earring/Drop Leaf - Green
Earring/Drop Leaf - Navy
Earring/Drop Leaf - White
Earring/Hoop Tassel - Blue
Earring/Hoop Tassel - Coral
Earring/Long Tassel - Pink
Earring/Long Tassel - Red
Earring/Long Tassel - Teal
Earring/Palm Trees - Gold
Earring/Resin Flower - Blue
Earring/Style.01 - Dark Navy
Earring/Style.01 -Red
Earring/Style.01- Pale Blue
Earring/Style.02 - Black
Earring/Style.02 - Blue
Earring/Style.02 - Green
Earring/Style.04 - Pink